Low Prices on Books

Last week I wrote about what I am going to be talking about in my blog. This week I am going to be talking about low prices on Kristin Tracy’s books. If you go to this website you can see the lowest prices on her books there can be!      (I know its a little big….)


I am planning on going to this website and purchasing some books myself, not even amazon has books this cheap! If you don’t like 2nd hand books then don’t go to this website because some of these books have been used before. All the books on the website are paperback, not hard. Here is some of the books she has written if you are interested in buying some of her books. Lost it, Camille McPhee falls under the bus, The Reinvention of Bessica Lefter, Bessica Bites Back, Sharks and Boys, Crimes of the Sarah’s, Sharks and Boys and the Death of a Kleptomaniac. There are many, many more books than that, I just named the one I remembered. I hope you find this website link useful!! In my opinion I have never seen so cheap of books!! Just to let you know Kristin Tracy writes for kids, pre-teens, and teens.


Low Prices on Books

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