Book reccomendations

If you have read my latest posts you have seen some of Kristin Tracy’s books. So today I am going to talk about book recommendations for certain types of reading interests. if you like romance read the book(s) Hung up, and Sharks and Boys. If you like reading about friendship, drama ,and the hardships of middle school read the book(s) Camille McPhee Falls Under the Bus (I don’t think she is in middle school though), The Reinvention of Bessica Lefter, its sequel Bessica Bites Back, Too Cool for  This School, Project Unpopular, and A Field Guide for Heartbreakers. There is only one book for this category, mystery and drama, that book Is Crimes of the Sarah’s.  If none of these category’s interests you  might want to check out another blog. 😉 To see the descriptions of these books click on this link (The category I most recommend is friendship, drama, and middle school hardships that’s what interests me.) I am actually reading one of those books and it is The Reinvention Of Bessica Lefter, and it is a really good book! I recommend that book to start out with and then read the sequel! I hope you find this helpful! Keep reading!!! -Emma 😀 😀 😀 😀

Book reccomendations

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