About the Author…

Last week I talked about the low prices on Kristin Tracy’s books, this week, I will be introducing you more to the author than her books. Here are some fun facts about her! – According to the FBI and police in LA she has no fingerprints. Kristin Tracy was once a teacher and a doctor. She encourages safety of all types. Her favorite flavors of anything is almond and cocoanut. Here is a link to see the full description of her http://www.kristentracy.com/kristen.html. As researched and read about Kristin Tracy she seems like a fun and nice person. She would most defiantly be someone I would get along with. To be honest I have looked her up and cannot find her age….. She looks like she would be in her late 20s or early 30s. From what I have found (not saying she doesn’t) as far as I know she has no kids, boyfriend, or husband. Like I said I could be wrong. She has actually won a parents choice silver award for one of her books The Reinvention of Bessica Lefter. That’s all I have to talk about today make sure to like and comment on my posts and I will be posting something else in the next 2 days. Thanks to http://www.kristentracy.com/kristen.html for info!

About the Author…

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