Picking out appropriate books…

If you were to be 10 or 9 (etc.) I wouldn’t recommend reading some of Kristin Tracy’s books. I know they may sound interesting but some books…. they’re just for teens. If you would be that age you would be able to read Camille McPhee falls under the bus. But as far as I know the rest of her books are for pre-teens and teens. Make sure to ask parents before reading certain books, it could have content you don’t need to know about. Kristin Tracy does NOT have any inappropriate content in any of her books, but some may be hard to understand… When you look at some of her books (or just any books) look up age recommendations so you know its ok. http://www.scholastic.com/parents/blogs/scholastic-parents-raise-reader/help-kids-to-pick-right-books Click on this link if you still need some help on what book to read. Make sure to look at my other posts to see some things she has wrote and more about the author. Make sure to follow the steps on the link to pick out the right book. For anyone I think her books would be fine to read but to make sure its ok check in with your parents to make sure. PARENTS- Kristin Tracy is an appropriate author, make sure to check your childs books when they get one.

Keep reading!! -Emma 😉 XD 😀 🙂

Picking out appropriate books…

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